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In order to evaluate credit card business performance of regional banks in a scientific way and help banks evaluate their own business performance, CUP Data rolls out Credit Card Development Index of Regional Banks, or CUP Data Index (CDI) for short, on the basis of its R&D strength in credit cards. CDI reflects the overall situation of this industry as well as the development of banks, provides objective, authentic and comparable industry data, and accordingly offers strong support to senior management of banks in strategy making and strategic planning deployment.

CUP Data’s View of Cards CUP Data’s View of Cards

CUP Dataperiodically releases professional, original and readable reports and industrynews on CUP Data’s View of Cards, a Wechat official account, in a timelymanner, which are based on the company’s abundant customer support experienceover the past 16 years, business cases from more than 200 clients and massivedata resources from over 470 million accounts.

Service Requirements Service Requirements
  • 01
    Alwaysfulfilling commitments made to customers so as to win their trust.
  • 02
     On tangible system platforms, customer supportstaff should demonstrate their caring for cust...
  • 03
    Customersupport staff should be capable of providing quality and professional service.
  • 04
    Puttingyourself in customer’s shoes and having a sense of empathy with their demands.
  • 05
    Respondingpromptly and proactively to deliver service.
Service Team Service Team
  • Customer manager

    Responsiblefor maintaining relations with clients, regularly paying visits and providingdaily customer support, which includes managing and coordinating businessdemands and problems clients have encountered, instructing them to make fulluse of functions and services of CUP Data systems, tracing progress of client’sbusiness and providing latest industry news to help improve client’sperformance.

  • Project manager

    Responsible for getting projects off the ground, making projectimplementation plans based on client’s needs, coordinating staff relations duringproject implementation, drafting work plans, staffing plans and budget plans,reporting project progress to clients on a regular basis and ensuring projects completionwithin the budget.

  • Product manager

    Responsiblefor the whole lifecycle of products and responsible for collecting and bringingforth ideas of product innovation,planning and coordinating product R&D,compiling and maintaining product documents, continuously promoting  productoptimization and improving user experience while promoting product innovationand R&D.

Service Platform Service Platform

CUP DataService Platform serves as a platform for clients to submit questions anddemands. After submission, the system will automatically transfer what has beensubmitted to a preset staff. During the course of demands processing, clientscan track and check progress of the processing at any time and make a commenton the service after it is over. The platform sticks to the philosophy of“guided by customers and centered on process” and features transparency andclear division of responsibility. For instance, deliverables and working hourin every phase of demands processing are clearly defined.

Training and Exchange Training and Exchange

Thecompany provides system operation training to clients before and after thesystem going live as well as other feature trainings. Annual Users Conferenceand Lujiazui Forum on the Development of Regional Banks also serve as platformsfor clients to share information. 

Tracking Feedback Tracking Feedback

The companyconducts client satisfaction survey annually and makes improvement plan basedon the results so as to improve customer service.

Security Assurance Security Assurance

  • Operation System

    CUP Datahas set up an operation system consisting of Shanghai Production Center, alocal disaster recovery center and a remote disaster recovery center. ShanghaiProduction Center is located in Shanghai Information Center of China UnionPayand equipped with a complete set of facilities including two power supplycircuits, two units of emergency generators, two UPS batteries that backup eachother, two redundant air conditioners, fire alarm system and gas fire-extinguishingsystem. The advanced environment monitoring system in the center monitors thefacilities 24/7, ensuring high availability of equipment in the machine room.The remote disaster recovery center is situated in Beijing Information Centerof China UnionPay and the local center in Shanghai GDS Waigaoqiao Free TradeZone Data Center Cluster. These three centers are interconnected via high-speedleased lines and the data replication technology is applied to ensureconsistency of business data. The disaster recovery capability of the centers hasmet Level 5 of GB20988-2007-T NationalStandard on Disaster Recovery of Information Security Technology andInformation System.

  • Information Security Management

    CUP Data takesa series of measures on information security control, including informationsecurity policy making, visit control, intrusion prevention, data backup,business continuity, capacity monitoring and troubleshooting. Since 2009, thecompany has passed annual national information system security assessment(Level 3) organized by the Internet Security Bureau of Public SecurityMinistry. CUP Data sets up a management mechanism for the continuousimprovement of information security management measures, guaranteesconfidentiality, integrity and availability of data in core card-issuing systemsand peripheral systems and prevents data destruction, change and leakage due tovicious intrusion, thus minimizing impact of security accidents on business.

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